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Skip the long lines and lackluster results! Choose Express Car Cleaning for a fast, meticulous clean that revitalizes your car. Our expert technicians use high-tech tools to remove every speck of grime, leaving your car looking showroom-ready and turning heads wherever you go.

Experience the Express Car Cleaning difference! We're passionate about making your car shine with convenient, high-quality service.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team uses cutting-edge tech to deliver exceptional service.

Special Offers

Express Shine Special: Upgrade your car wash to a premium detail for a limited time!

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Express Car Cleaning offers top-tier services at budget-friendly prices. We ensure you get the best of both worlds - a sparkling clean car and a happy wallet.

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Express Car Cleaning: Fast, comprehensive service gets your car road-ready.

Our Price Plan

Note: Our charges can be modified as per our customer's and their vehicle's requirements
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Full Detailing

  • Hatchback - 1400
  • Sedan - 1600
  • Compact SUV - 1900
  • Full Size-SUV - 2400
  • Luxury -3000
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  • Hatchback - 800
  • Sedan - 900
  • Compact SUV - 1000
  • Full Size-SUV - 1200
  • Luxury -1500
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  • Hatchback - 900
  • Sedan - 1000
  • Compact SUV - 1200
  • Full Size-SUV - 1500
  • Luxury -1800

Teflon Coating / Paint Protection Treatment

Our Most Popular Plans

  • Hatchback -
  • Sedan -
  • Compact SUV -
  • Full Size-SUV -
  • Luxury -
  • 2500/-
  • 3000/-
  • 3500/-
  • 4000/-
  • 4500/-
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Interior Dry Cleaning Free With Every Teflon Coating and Paint Protection Treatment Package

Services We Provide

Car cleaning service

Express Car Cleaning is the best provider of car cleaning services in Lakshmi Nagar east Delhi offering the wide range of car cleaning services right from the top wash to entire internal detailing making your car look the best version of its self.

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Car Polishing Service

Get your car a new glow with our professionals who use state-of-the-art polishing equipment and high grade polish for polishing your car. By providing the optimum quality of car polishing services we have managed to be on the top of the best providers of car polishing services in Delhi.

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Teflon Coating Service

Improve the life and quality of your car with the exclusive Teflon coating services offered by the team of Express Car Cleaning. If you are looking out for the best Teflon coating services in Delhi we are undoubtedly your one short solution.

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Our Happy Customers

What Customers Say

Ricardo Yosef

Mohd Javed


“I went on a trip and my car was all spoiled with dirt and strains on the car seats. It was really in horrible condition and I was really petrified to take it to any provider of car cleaning services in Delhi. Then I took it to Express Car Cleaning who worked effortlessly on my car and got it back in its original condition. I am highly satisfied and happy with their services.”

Google Review

Karan Singh


“I was amazed to see my car after availing the cleaning services from the Express Car Cleaning. It never looked so clean and pretty before. Every minute detail of my automobile was carefully cleaned and the inside environment of the car was made exceptionally serene. I give big thumbs up to their services and highly recommend it to everyone.”


Our Process


Full Car Deep Cleaning - Complete Package


  • checkFull Interior Sanitizing
  • checkSeats, doors, carpet & mats, roof, trunk Shampo, and Cleaning
  • checkFull Vaccum Cleaning
  • checkDashboard Clean, and Polishing
  • check Exterior Shampoo Washing
  • checkExterior Rubbing and Polishing with Buffing Machine
  • check Tyers Cleaning, and Polishing
  • checkWindshield, Window Cleaning, and Polishing
  • checkRemove the scratches, bird Poop, and spots of leaf shreds through rubbing

Full Interior Cleaning


  • checkFull Interior Sanitizing
  • checkSeats, doors, carpet & mats, roof, trunk Shampo, and Cleaning
  • checkFull Vaccum Cleaning
  • checkDashboard Clean, and Polishing


  • Hatchback - ₹749/-
  • Sedan - ₹799/-
  • SUV - ₹899/-
  • Luxury - ₹999/-

Teflon Coating

Teflon Coating is a Paint Protection Coating to enhance Paint Life, adds as a protective layer with more Gloss and Shine.

Car Paint will begin to shine after Teflon and even minor scratches will also be removed. However, the effect last shorter i.e period of 5-6 Month and will continue to come down

This process of Teflon coating finally comes to an end, this is the time to see the tiny bottle of prized liquid, Teflon. The smell of this Teflon which was just prepared is particularly pungent when it is applied onto the paint. However, the pungent smell of this liquid also disappears once the paint is dried. To apply this liquid onto all the painted areas over the car, a soft and clean cotton cloth is put to use.